Gerry Connors, Principal

Mr. Connors has over 30 years experience in port operations, transportation, logistics, international trade and maritime security
Mr. Connors has been involved in maritime security since the tragic events of 9/11 and has consulted with international and regional security companies, engineering firms and security equipment vendors on a variety of maritime security related issues. Mr. Connors has been involved in numerous port security projects and training programs throughout the United States and abroad, in such countries as Algeria, Bahamas, Bahrain, Finland, Haiti, Libya, Malaysia, Senegal, Sri Lanka and Venezuela.

Prior to 9/11 Mr. Connors was a vice president and general manager for a stevedoring company under contract to a port authority located in the Northeast. His duties included overseeing all terminal operations and in addition, he was responsible for international marketing of the facilities services. Before joining the stevedoring company, Mr. Connors owned his own export trading company and also lectured, instructed and consulted extensively on international trade issues. In addition, Mr. Connors spent over 10 years with the Massachusetts Port Authority’s maritime division, holding several positions including Intermodal Supervisor, Maritime Facilities Manager and Maritime Marketing Research Manager.

Previously, Mr. Connors had been a terminal manager for a regional petroleum company.

Mr. Connors began his career in the maritime industry as a petroleum cargo inspector conducting cargo surveys and inspections on vessels and at petroleum terminals throughout the Northeast.

Mr. Connors is a MARAD/U.S. Coast Guard/DNV approved Company Security Officer, Ship Security Officer and Facility Security Officer. In addition Mr. Connors is a DNV/MARAD approved instructor for numerous maritime security courses. He has also successfully completed training as a Maritime Security Plan Auditor.